St Louis Motor

St. Louis Motor


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Product Description

High strength rare earth magnets and an improved brush system give this St. Luois Motor great performance.

For many generations, the St. Luois Motor has offered a comprehensive introduction to the function of the electric motor. Now modern high strength magnets and industrial brush technology have brought this classic apparatus up to date.

The open design allows students to identify the parts of the motor and investigate their function. The horizontal axle is mounted on two ball bearings for minimal friction, and the orientation prevents the motor from “walking” when in operation. An adjustable brush holder allows the commutator to be positioned to give rotation in either direction, and the magnet supports can also be adjusted to vary the strength of the magnetic field.

The motor can run on a single battery, from “AA” size to 9V, however, use of a 3-6V d.c. power supply allows students to investigate the effect of voltage variation on motor speed.

Includes operation and experiment manual


Dimensions: Length: 11.5cm/ 4.5″
Width: 9.5cm/ 3.75″
Height: 8.3cm/ 3.25″
Weight: 0.5kg/ 1.1lb

Item Includes:

St. Louis Motor Instruction Manual

Required Accessories (Not Included)

D.C. power supply to deliver 6V, 1A
Connecting patch cords

Additional Information

Weight .91 kg