Spectrum Tube Carousel Power Supply


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Product Description

The Spectrum Tube Carousel Power Supply offers a considerable improvement in safety, convenience, and tube life over conventional systems. It consists of a power supply and tube storage unit and a series of spectrum tubes filled with various gases for spectral inspection and measurement.

The system is available in two versions, differing in the style of the power supply and storage unit. In the Single Tube version, the power supply accommodates one tube and provision is made in the base for storage of up to six tubes. In the Carousel version, up to eight tubes are loaded into the power supply’s tube carousel and the tube to be energized is selected by rotating the carousel until the required tube reaches the energizing station.

The spectrum tubes in the Spectrum Tube System offer extended life by having no internal electrodes and are protected against accidental breakage by a hard polymer shell. Both the Single Tube Power Supply and Carousel Power Supply’s electrical parts are enclosed and a magnetic interlock system prevents application of the energizing voltage to the tube contacts unless a tube is correctly inserted. In the Single Tube version, the height of the tube above the bench can be adjusted to accommodate the differing heights of the inlet slits of the various models of spectrometer in current use.

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