Small Van de Graaff Generator


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Product Description

This robustly constructed economy Van de Graaff generator is a great value! Years of experience have been incorporated into this design to garantee reliable performance in all humidity conditions at a very economical price. 5cm (200kV) sparks can be produced only seconds after startup.

Check out these advantages:

  • Larger, 21cm diameter polished dome for bigger charge collection
  • High performance rubber formulation belt for more efficient charge transfer
  • Clear, longer insulating column allows you to see the machine’s operation
  • Permanently adjusted collector combs and dome mount for no-hassel operation
  • Quiet, powerful motor for rapid charge-up
  • Stable, grounded metal base with tough powder coating
  • Grounding tab for attaching accessories
  • Built-in power switch and fuse, and generous 6-foot power cord for easy, safe operation

Includes operation and experiment manual.


Maximum Voltage: > 200kv
Short circuit current: Approx. 2.5 µA
Charge per Spark: 5-10 µC
Dome: Polished aluminum, 210mm/ 8.25″ diameter
Locates directly onto support rod fitting
Insulating Column: Length: 303mm/ 11.9″
Diameter: 48mm/ 1.9″
Base: Diameter: 225mm/ 8.85″
Height: 90mm/ 3.5″
Overall Dimensions: Height: 488mm/ 19.2″
Diameter: 225mm/ 8.85″
Weight: 2.44kg/ 5.4lb
Power Cord: 3-prong, 6′ long
Fuse: IEC type, Buss MDL 1/2A

Items included

Van de Graaff Generator Instruction Manual

Required Accessories


Optional Accessory:

Discharge wand, SKU SE1012-00

Replacement Part

Belt, SKU SE1002-10

Additional Information

Weight 5.08 kg