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Product Description

Eliminates difficult and unreliable use of tuning forks for resonance experiments.

A compact battery powered sound source that attaches to a resonance apparatus in place of the traditional tuning fork, and is much easier to use. The Sound Generator produces a sine wave at three fixed frequencies, 400Hz, 600Hz, and 800Hz. A simple touch of the appropriate button turns on the unit with the desired frequency selected. Touching any two buttons simultaneously turns the unit off. The generator automatically turns off after 20 minutes of use to conserve battery power. The sound amplitude produced is within a range which is adequate for reliably exciting and audible resonance, but not so much that the resonance response is drowned out by the excitation.

The Sound Generator is fitted with a mounting rod for direct attachment to the Resonance Apparatus. The generaor can also be powered by an optional plug-in power supply.”

Includes operating instructions.


Sound frequency: 400Hz, 600Hz, 800Hz, switch selectable
Accuracy: <1 %
Waveform: Sine
Battery: one 9V battery
Dimensions: Length: 15.25cm/ 6″
Width: 7.0cm/ 2.75″
Height: 2.8cm/ 1.1″
Weight: 0.27kg/ o.6lb

Items Included:

Sound Gereator
Instruction Manual

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Weight 0.27 kg