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Product Description

Now your school can detect/record earthquakes and tremors directly with this simple but sensitive Seimometer! Earthquakes of magnitude 3.5 can be detected as far away as 150km, and a magnitude of 6.5 quake anywhere in the world will show up on your computer in real time! Students will be able to watch a developing event unfold long before the media reports begin! Built on the proven IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) patter, this instrument can be placed at any stable, relatively undisturbed location in your school, and it will deliver earthquake signals 24/7 to a remote computer and display. The Seismometer comes with Windows software that displays a full day’s recording on a single screen and automatically saves and organizes the data for later analysis. The software supports the identification or the different types of ground waves in an earthquake, extraction of the earthquake signal, and determination of the distance and intensity of the quake. Included software filters can be applied to the data to “tune” the display to emphasize typical vibrations caused by students moving around for a classroom demonstration, or to eliminate this “noise” and show only seismic events.

How it works:

The Seismometer is a vertical seismometer that can detect the P- and S-waves generated by an earthquake, as well as the slower Rayleigh-type surface waves. The heart of the Seismometer is a long horizontal boom with a heavy magnet and balance weight at one end, hinged by a knife-edge to a vertical post at the other end and supported by a long spring. The movement of this system is damped by a vane immersed in a container of oil. The magnet fits over a coil, and when a vibration or an earth tremor shakes the seismometer, the relative movement of the coil and magnet generates an electric signal in the coil by induction. The signal is amplified in the interface box and passed to the computer to be recorded and displayed on the monitor.


Boom: Dimensions: 390mm/15.45″long, 38mm/1.5″ wide
Mass: about 420g
Spring: Relaxed Length: 267mm/ 10.5″ Diameter: 7.7mm/ 0.3″ Modulus: about 830N/m
Natural Period of Boom: About 3 Sec.
Damping Oil Capacity: 175ml/ 6 fl. oz.
Seismometer Dimensions: Length: 465mm/ 18.3″
Width: 210mm/ 8.25″
Height: 320mm/ 12.6″
Weight: 1.68kg/ 3.75lb

Item Includes:

Seismometer Bubble Level
Interface box with cables Assembly Wrench
Software on CD-ROM Instruction Manual

Required Accessories:

(Not Included)

Damping Oil, 6 fl. oz.
(Optimal formulation: 50:50 mixture of STP oil treatment and 10w40 synthetic motor oil)
PC running Windows 2000 or higher

Optional Accessory:

Clear Acrylic Dust Cover, Model No. SE1017-00
Protects the Seismometer and the damping oil from dust accumulation and drafts
(Strongly Recommended)

Additional Information

Weight 4.54 kg