LED Ray Box


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Product Description

This economical ray box set delivers white light rays but runs much cooler than conventional incandescent lamp models. Five ultrabright LEDs provide parallel, narrow beams for investigating the properties of the five acrylic optical elements included in the kit. A switch on the rear of the unit selects one, three, or five rays, and the unit is powered by a low-voltage wall-mount power supply.

Includes operation manual.


Light source: 5 ultrabright white LEDs, approximate light output 13cd each.
Optical elements set: One each biconvex lens, biconcave lens, equilateral prism,
rectangular block, semcircular block.
Power: Wall mount. Input 115VAC/60Hz
Dimensions: Length:17.8 cm/7”
Width:12.7 cm/5”
Weight: 0.5kg/1lb

Item includes:

LED Ray Box
Set of 5 Acrylic optical elements
Wall mount power supply
Instruction Manual

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Weight 1.36 kg