Insulated Calorimeter


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Product Description

This double wall calorimeter with insulated lid is used for heat exchange experiments. It consists of an inner can suspended inside a shielding outer can by an insulating ring. The insulated lid has 2 holes for a stirrer and a one-hole rubber stopper, which can hold a thermometer or temperature probe.

This unit is an improved version of the reliable double wall calorimeter. It cuts heat loss by eliminating the dead space between the inner can and the lid. Much of the heat loss from the conventional double wall calorimeter is due to evaporation into this dead space and then through the poorly insulated lid.

Includes operation manual.



Inner can: Polished Aluminum
7 cm diameter, 9 cm height
290 ml capacity
Outer Can: Polished Aluminum
10.5 cm diameter, 14 cm height

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